When Grown Men Cry

“I must be too young to hear this stuff,” and “I almost cried!” exclaimed two pastors. Both served as translators at our annual widows’ conference in Mwanza, Tanzania.
“Good,” I retorted.
“Why do you say that’s good?”
“Because that means you get it.”
Two young pastors crying over the plight of the widows in Tanzania gave me reason to rejoice. According to Scripture, the widow and the orphan rank high on God’s priority list. Paul gives specific instructions for taking care of widows in 1 Timothy 5. Unfortunately, widows don’t always rank high on the priority list of churches.
Pastor Ezekiel admitted his church provides a big meal for the widows once or twice a year. He now realizes the church should do more. Pastor James thought through the list of widows he knows and determined to offer them more compassion.
What makes a grown man cry? Hopefully something that touches his heart. Jesus himself cried at the tomb of his friend Lazarus even though he knew he would raise him back to life.
Twelve21 Global’s president, Yusuph Emmanuel, cried when he realized we couldn’t meet all the needs in one town. It’s true. We can’t meet the needs of everyone in one town, in Tanzania, or in any other part of world. We are called to the world, however, to do our part.
What draws your tears? Ask yourself what needs to change in your life to show you care about the needy.
Written by Fran Geiger Joslin
Photo by Tiffany DeBoer

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