Twelve21 Trips

    Why Go with Us?

    Gospel Centered – We center our trips around bringing the gospel to spiritually dark communities. We intentionally cross cultural barriers to share the hope found in Jesus.

    Locals Empowered – We equip and empower the locals to reach their own communities after we leave.

    Teams Accommodated – We partner with both individuals and church groups. Churches may sponsor a trip and/or send full teams.

    Travel Arranged – We plan and organize all the details for you, including airline tickets, accommodations, meals, etc.

    Training Provided – We provide culturally relevant training to prepare you for service.

    Upcoming Trips

    TZ20A – Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania (Maasai Tribe) – June 6-17, 2022

    Cost: $3,950

    People Group Focus: Maasai Tribe

    Trip Details: Medical, Evangelism, Hotel Trip

    Mto Wa Mbu, translated “The River of Mosquitos” is home to the Masaai tribe and, ironically, void of malaria. Despite their reputation as fierce warriors, Maasai culture revolves around cattle where children commonly tend the flocks. Join us in bringing hope to the spiritually confused, poverty stricken, and oppressed Masaai people.

    TZ20B – Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania (Datooga Tribes) – June 6-17, 2022

    Cost: $3,950

    People Group Focus: Datooga Tribes

    Trip Details: Medical, Evangelism, Camping Trip

    Located not far from Kilimanjaro, the Datooga people consider themselves family— tribes descending from one father—and, as such, no room exists for outside thinking. Their belief system includes many gods, depending on their needs or circumstances. The combination of sand and wind in this region gives us our own version of a “windy city.” Join us in bringing hope to the Datooga people by introducing them to the one true God

    TZ22A – Education Mission Trip – July 4-16, 2022

    Cost: $3,950

    People Group Focus: Students in Bukabwa

    Trip Details: VBS, Evangelism, Leadership Training,  Camping Trip

    Our education program exists for this purpose: to bring home to vulnerable children through a Christ-centered educationAt our schools, we are seeing communities transformed as students and families experience the hope found in Jesus.

    On a trip to Bukabwa, Tanzania, volunteers will have the opportunity to equip teachers, engage community members, visit students’ homes, and put on a Vacation Bible School for local children. 

    TZ20C – Mara Region, Tanzania – TBA

    Cost: $3,650

    Trip Details: Evangelism, Leadership Training, Hotel Trip 

    Church Partner: Fivestone Community Church

    The Mara region of Tanzania nestles between Lake Victoria (Africa’s Largest Lake) and the Serengeti National Park. The area we visit, which lies between two mountains, includes many ethnic groups and tribes. The people depend on crop production, livestock, and fishing for their income. Join us in bringing hope to a world where ancestral worship and witchcraft still grips the hearts of those for whom Jesus died.



      We provide five or six training sessions before departure. Topics include: 

      • Sharing the gospel
      • Training the nationals
      • Fundraising
      • Cultural understanding
      • Packing
      • Medical team preparation

      We arrive in Tanzania from the U.S. after approximately three flights and thirty hours of travel. We greatly appreciate hotel beds our first night in-country! A bus ride the next day takes us to our final ministry destination. Travel days feel long, but they provide great opportunities to rest, laugh, and continue getting to know your teammates.


      After Twelve21 plants a church, teams minister in that village to accelerate and support the church’s growth. Each team member, partnered with his/her own translator, spends three to five mornings sharing the gospel hut to hut. After lunch, the team leads discipleship groups. This includes training leaders and encouraging believers in their walk with Jesus. We teach you how to do this.

    • SUNDAY

      On Sunday, we attend the church where we ministered during the week. Team members experience authentic Tanzanian worship. Some participate in the service by giving testimonies and preaching God’s Word.


      Medical clinics take place at a central location to our ministry and typically last about four days. Doctors and nurses work alongside Tanzanian medical professionals to treat as many patients as possible. An evangelism team partners with the medical clinic to share the gospel and pray with people in need.

    • SAFARI

      We end our trips with a safari through the Serengeti National Park or Ngorongoro Crater. Team members enjoy time together relaxing and viewing the beauty of God’s creation. Before heading home, we visit a local market where we can purchase gifts and trinkets to bring home.


      We set aside time at the end of the trip to:

      • Process our experiences
      • Prepare for returning home

      We continue partnering with and encouraging you as we return to serving the Lord in our own communities.

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