We have testimonies flowing in constantly and love sharing them for others to be encouraged. Whether it is the Supernatural provision of God or simply what happens when everyday, ordinary believers listen to the heart of God and stop for the one right in front of them, we want to share them. Be encouraged by these encounters!

God is Our Hope

      How can one sum up the journey that God puts us on? Maybe it’s a blessing, an adventure, a miracle that He has chosen...

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All I Can Do

I’ve heard it before. “All I can do is pray.” I catch myself telling others I’d rather have their prayers than their money....

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I’ve Been Wrong

“I’ve been wrong!” Pastor Deo announced as he stood to his feet in the middle of class. During the 2018 pastors’ conference...

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Hopeful And Renewed

An important part of ministry and sharing the gospel is to truly care for a community and to pour as much love, knowledge,...

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The Why

“Based on the way I was invited in, I didn’t even know they were Christians. They were so kind to me and treated...

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“… some testimonies that pastor Mabamba gave me some hopes and made me believe that God is still doing miracles....

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“… I wanted everyone in our village to know… I wanted to make it publicly known that my life has been transformed…” Deborah...

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