Twelve21 mission trips are opportunities for individuals and churches to join us as we take the gospel among the unreached peoples and places around the world. Our teams journey into the most remote places on planet earth to tell of Jesus Christ and his redeeming grace.

Maasai People Group, Tanzania - TZ20A

Jun 1-12, 2020

The Maasai (or Masai) are semi-nomadic people located primarily in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are considered to be part of the Nilotic family of African tribal groups, just as the Scilluk from Sudan and the Acholi from Uganda. The Maasai and the Samburu people are historically related and all refer to their language as Maa, although they acknowledge mutual cultural and economic differences. Most Maasai also speak Swahili, the lingua franca of East Africa.

In spite of their reputation as fierce warriors, Maasai culture revolves around their cattle. One of their spiritual beliefs is that their rain god Ngai gave all cattle to the Maasai people, and therefore anyone else who possesses cattle must have stolen them from the Maasai. This has led to some fatal altercations with other tribes of the regions over the centuries when they attempt to reclaim their "property".

There are numerous traditions and ceremonies performed by Maasai men. Perhaps best known is the warrior "jumping" dance, where young Maasai morani (warrior-youth) leap into the air from a standing position, in order to demonstrate their strength and agility. Until recent times, in order to earn the right to have a wife, a Maasai moran was required to have killed a lion. Officially this practice has stopped, although there is evidence that it continues in the more remote regions.

Finding The Truth

Spiritual confusion, poverty, and oppressive societies have long kept the gospel from advancing in Africa. But the people are searching for hope.

Recognizing that their tribal religions cannot provide the answers they’re looking for, the Maasai people are seeking truth and finding it … in the gospel. The Church, fueled by the power of the gospel message, is advancing as nationals take up the cause of Christ.

Engaging The Community

Journey to Tanzania to share the gospel with the lost and hurting. You will work alongside nationals to encourage and stimulate their faith while engaging in community outreach. Whether in evangelism, medical, or training opportunities, you will experience God’s hand through divine appointments in Tanzania. YOU can be a part of reaching the unreached by joining us in these efforts! Let’s GO!


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Share God's story and demonstrate His love to the people of Tanzania!



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Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Africa

Location: Tanzania

Tags: Medical, Evangelism, Extreme, Church Planting, Camping

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