Bringing Christ’s hope through promoting and providing healthcare in the communities that we serve.

How we do it

1. Research

2. Mobile Clinics

3. Community Health Training



    • We take time to understand the medical needs of the people in the communities which we serve.


    • We meet immediate medical needs through mobile medical clinics and deploying short term medical mission trips. We gather doctors and nurses, both from Tanzania and the U.S., to treat patients and provide an onsite pharmacy.


    • At this stage, we engage and empower individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors and make changes that reduce the risk of developing diseases and other illnesses. Through community health education, up to 70% of diseases can be eradicated in local communities.

Yusuph (Twelve21 Global’s founder) lost his brother, Boaz, in 2017 because he couldn’t access an oxygen tank – a simple intervention that would have saved his life.

Unfortunately, this is a common story in many parts of the world. In most remote communities that we serve, access to adequate medical care is very limited, resulting in loss of life and a sense of hopelessness.

Through providing basic medical care and education, we can greatly improve the quality of life for people in these communities. This also provides people with an opportunity to know that God loves them and shines the light of Hope even in the darkest circumstances (Matthew 12:21)

  • 1 Mobile Clinic
  •  1,074 Patients Treated
  •  5 Community Health Training Clinics

Healing Body and Soul

We structure our medical clinics and community health education to encompass the spiritual needs of the people we serve.

Khadija’s Story

Khadija had never seen crowds like this before in her little village in Tanzania. People from all over the region of Kilimanjaro gathered for a week long medical clinic put together by Twelve21 Global volunteers. As a leader in the village, Khadija made sure to be present in the area where the people were gathered. 

While at the clinic, something caught Khadija’s eye—something she never thought she would see. Through the window Khadija saw three men, leaders of Twelve21 Global, weeping and praying together. She knew when she saw them that they were burdened for the hundreds of people at the clinic, knowing there was not enough time to treat them all. In that moment Khadija knew that these men loved her people more than she could ever understand.

Khadija approached the men and said to them, “I know why you are crying. I have never seen a Christian cry over my people.” She removed her hijab (head covering) and used it to wipe away their tears. Khadija heard the gospel for the first time that day. She learned of a God who loved her and desired a relationship with her. She put her faith in Jesus Christ and found HOPE in His name. Khadija’s life was changed forever when she witnessed the love of Christ through the actions of others.

Serve in a
Mobile Medical

Do you feel called to Go? Do you have experience in the medical field? Join a mission trip today where you can combine your passion for Jesus with your talents as you work to heal bodies and change lives for eternity.

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