Providing a path out of poverty through a Christ centered education.

How we do it

1. Build a School

2. Hire & Train Teachers

3. Identify Students

4. Sponsorship

5. Education from K-7


Build a School

    • We begin by identifying an area that has limited or no access to education. Through generous donations to our education fund, we are able to build a school.

Hire and Train Teachers

    • We seek out highly qualified teachers who are passionate about Jesus and boldly making his names known in some of the spiritually darkest places.
    • We hire National teachers who are fluent in both English and their native tongue. We provide opportunities for professional growth and believe in the importance of being life-long learners.

Identify Students

    • With the help of local leaders, we identify 80 students whose lives can be changed through education. Many of the students in our schools are orphaned or come from single parent households.


    • Each school is run by generous donations through our sponsorship programs.

Provide Education from Kindergarten through Standard 7

    • Each student is provided education at a Twelve21 School through standard 7, which is the end of primary education.

While we know Jesus is the only hope of the world, Jesus himself valued people’s physical, mental, and emotional needs alongside their spiritual ones. Jesus commanded that we love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37). How can people learn to love God with their mind if they cannot read His word or use critical thinking skills to understand Him and His world better?

Giving someone an education is a dynamic way of changing the trajectory of their life forever. Without education, children are destined to continue a familial cycle of poverty and poor living conditions, simply because they have never been given the resources needed to know a better way. Through education, a door is opened to understand the world, people, and most importantly God. By educating children, we are changing the future of a nation, one community at a time. It is slow, methodical work, but the dividends are rich. Through education, students and their families will find their Hope in the name of Jesus (Matthew 12:21).

  • 2 Schools
  • 167 Total Students
  • Students are taught core subjects and daily Bible lessons
  • Students and faculty are given a meal everyday
  • All of this is funded through individual child sponsorships and one-time donations to our education fund


Bringing hope to those in need in the form of education.

Salima’s Story

Mothers.  They love unconditionally.  They sacrifice daily.  They pray fervently.  They seek the best for their children and their families.  Some days it feels overwhelming.  Yet, day after day, they strive to put others’ needs above their own.  A mother is a mother, no matter where in the world you find her.

Salima Shaban, a mother to a student at our Kome Island school, feels the burden of motherhood strongly.  “Being a mother in my culture means a lot.  Most mothers in my village are the ones that think about everyone in their family’s affairs.  We mothers have to know our children’s behavior, strengths, weaknesses, health, education, and how their physical needs will be met, like what to eat and where to sleep.  And, most of the time we also have to work to help our men meet our necessities in life, including our children’s full educational support.  Each time a child fails to go to school because a family cannot provide, it’s the mother who gets hurt more than the father.  For us women, it is better not to eat so we can pay for our children to receive a better education.”

By the grace of God, Twelve21 Global gets the privilege of relieving Salima from some of this burden.  Through our sponsors, we are able to provide quality education completely free-of-charge.  Now, Salima can focus on caring for her family, knowing that she doesn’t have to choose between feeding her children or educating them.  Because of the gift of education for her son, Salima says, “As a woman, I can now live confidently with the assurance that my son will reach his goals in life; this will make me proud.  People will call me a blessed mother with an educated son.  I thank you for restoring my hope and strength.  God bless you and increase you.”

Child Sponsorships

Twelve21 Global believes every child deserves a better future. Working through the local church and our schools, we find child sponsorship an effective means to alleviate the chronic cycle of poverty and provide children HOPE for a better future.

Your support of $38 a month

blesses children with life-changing opportunities such as:

  • Access to quality education
  • Medical care
  • Nourishing food
  • Uniforms and School Supplies

  • Mentoring
  • The knowledge that someone loves them and wants them to succeed

  • An opportunity to hear the gospel and be discipled


Education provides a path out of poverty. It’s a gift that influences the destiny of a child, his or her family, and the community. You can become an integral part of helping a child find his or her value in Jesus.

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