Planting local, healthy churches that represent God’s Kingdom to everyone, everywhere

How we do it

1. Research and Entry

2. Evangelism

3. Discipleship & Healthy Church Formation

4. Leadership Development

5. Deploy and Exit


Research and Entry

  • We gain access to a people and seek to understand their culture


  • We intentionally cross barriers to share the gospel in ways that are meaningful with both individuals and the Community as a whole.

Discipleship & Healthy Church Formation

  • As people are being saved, we teach them to obey all the commandments of God so that they may grow in their understanding, character, and godly behavior.
  • We help organize disciples into churches that bear the characteristics of a healthy church.

Leadership Development

  • We help new churches identify, equip, and appoint leaders and church multipliers.

Deploy and Exit

  • Trained local leaders will lead, teach, and shepherd the local church. We slowly scale off our direct involvement and let the local leaders carry on the task of reaching their spiritually dark communities.

God is constantly seeking for the lost and needy in order to bring them salvation (Luke 19:10). It is His divine plan that “through the church” His manifold wisdom may be made known to everyone, everywhere (Ephesians 3:10)

God initiated the Church through Jesus (Matthew 16:18). It exists as His plan for world missions, bringing about individual sanctification, community transformation, and social ministry. When a healthy church takes root in a local community, it creates leaders. Being led by the Holy Spirit, and with renewed hope, local leaders establish a variety of sustainable ministries that continue to bring and expand transformation to those around them.

  • 27 Churches Planted
  • 10,954 People Heard the Gospel
  • 4,595 Disciples Made
  • 583 Leaders Trained

Training Leaders and Changing Communities

Planting local, healthy churches that represent God’s kingdom to everyone, everywhere.

Moses’s Story

Pastor Moses Paulo grew up learning expert marksmanship as a tribal warrior. He spent days running through forests collecting fruits and hunting wild animals to provide food for the Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania. As a teen, raiders snatched Moses from his home and sent him to live in another city. The blessing in that curse came in the form of education.

After completing primary and secondary school, Moses returned home a changed person. Education gave him a world perspective his people could never comprehend. Sadly, he now found life in the Hadzabe community boring. To fill his time, Moses harvested honey and sold it in local cities. One day while in the city, a man invited him to a Sunday worship service.  Here Moses heard about the One True God. That day he put his faith and hope in Jesus, God’s son.

Moses’ transformation didn’t sit well in the Hadzabe community. His family kicked him out of his home. His own people threatened to kick him out of the tribe unless he renounced his faith. Instead of feeling embittered, Moses prayed for restoration and salvation among his people.

God answers prayer! Moses returned to his people and, with the help of Twelve21 Global, he started a church in his own village. Many have put their faith and hope in Jesus. God continues using Moses to share the truth of our One True God.

Serve with a
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