Bringing hope to communities through planting local, healthy, christ-centered churches.

How we do it

1. Research & Entry

2. Evangelism

3. Discipleship

4. Leadership Development

5. Deploy & Exit


1. Research and Entry

Twelve21 Global first works to gain access to people who need the gospel. We research, pray for, and seek to understand the people we hope to engage with the gospel.

Our guideposts for research and entry include:

  • Understanding a community’s political, economic, and religious environment
  • Gaining a basic understanding of their way of life
  • Understanding what resources and/or skills are available in the community

Through the information that we gather we develop the methods through which to effectively communicate the gospel with each particular people group. 

2. Evangelism

Twelve21 Global believes that no salvation exists apart from hearing and believing the good news of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12, Romans 10:13-15, John 14:6). Using simple, biblical, and reproducible tools, we invite those far from God into a growing relationship with Jesus. 

We approach the charge of evangelism with intentionality, planning, and accountability. We rely on the Holy Spirit to empower our witness. Without His work, proclamation accomplishes nothing. We build prayer and deep reliance on the Spirit into all of our evangelistic strategies and activities.

For a clear presentation of the gospel, we aim to deliberately make its message relatable to the hearer’s culture. The aim is not to make the gospel comfortable or acceptable, but understandable and meaningful in the mind of the hearer.

3. Discipleship 

Jesus commissions us to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:18-20). A disciple of Jesus is a worshiper, a servant, and a witness. Therefore, developing new believers into disciples who make disciples is paramount. 

As people hear and believe the gospel, they gather in churches where they will: 

  • Learn to grow in their faith
  • Worship and fellowship
  • Be sent out to share the gospel with those who have not yet heard

The aim of discipleship is nothing less than the complete transformation of the believer’s heart, mind, affections, will, relationships, and purpose. Since every area of life, then, is to be ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9), we pray, teach, and lead toward that end.  We trust the Holy Spirit to create what is by nature completely foreign to fallen people: namely a genuine hunger and thirst for righteousness and progressive growth in godly character (Titus 2:11-14).

4. Leadership Development

Paul directed Timothy to entrust the things he learned to faithful men, who would teach these truths to others (2 Timothy 2:2). New churches that remain dependent on foreign missionaries simply will not survive. 

We believe that equipping local churches and developing new believers into leaders sustains church planting movements in unreached areas. 

Tools that we use to equip local churches and develop strong Christian leaders among them include:

  • Pastoral and leadership training
  • Women’s ministry training
  • Community development training
  • Children’s ministry training
  • Provision of Christian literature

5. Deploy and Exit

Twelve21 Global begins our work in communities with an exit strategy in mind. Trained local leaders will—from the outset—lead, teach, and shepherd the local church. We slowly scale back our direct involvement and let the local leaders carry on the task of reaching their spiritually dark communities.

Following the example of the apostles, we continue to watch and advise after we physically move on to other unreached areas. The goal is to exit and support, not abandon.


Tibenderana’s belief system led him to slay a child with albinism to obtain the body parts for a witchcraft ritual that promised him riches, success, power, and sexual conquest. 

What did he achieve? Five years of imprisonment. After his release from prison, Tibe apologized to his community, but it didn’t fix anything. “I was released from prison, yes… but, really, in my mind, I was still in it.”

“I was so afraid of them,” he says of the people whose child he killed. He avoided them, and they avoided him. The community around him also avoided him. To receive forgiveness and restoration seemed a mountain of shame and brokenness too high to climb. It required an unfathomable amount of grace.

When people from the local church invited him to a meeting, he decided to “give it a try.” As though the message was written for him, the pastor shared from Luke 4:18, proclaiming “freedom for the prisoners!” That message, Tibe says, rang true in his heart and mind. “It was when I heard the declaration of Jesus that I was… really free.”

Through the unconditional, undeserved love of Jesus, Tibe found the courage to approach the people that he had so cruelly harmed. As he came to the child’s family humbly, that same love gave them the grace to forgive him. “Now we are living peacefully. We are together in the word of God… We are one. I am living in harmony with the people whose family member I killed.”

The change in Tibe brought remarkable reconciliation to his community. He excitedly shares the good news of freedom in Christ to others. He also leads a prayer ministry in his church. He once walked as an enemy of the cross of Christ and of his community, but now he is a friend and peacemaker.

Twelve21’s church planting ministry exists for the glory of God and because of transformational stories like Tibe’s. When the gospel takes root in a local community, it creates leaders. Being led by the Holy Spirit and with a renewed hope, local leaders establish a variety of sustainable ministries that continue to bring and expand transformation to those around them.


  • 27 Churches Planted
  • 10,954 People Heard the Gospel
  • 4,595 Disciples Made
  • 583 Leaders Trained

Training Leaders and Changing Communities

Planting local, healthy churches that represent God’s kingdom to everyone, everywhere.

Moses’s Story

Pastor Moses Paulo grew up learning expert marksmanship as a tribal warrior. He spent days running through forests collecting fruits and hunting wild animals to provide food for the Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania. As a teen, raiders snatched Moses from his home and sent him to live in another city. The blessing in that curse came in the form of education.

After completing primary and secondary school, Moses returned home a changed person. Education gave him a world perspective his people could never comprehend. Sadly, he now found life in the Hadzabe community boring. To fill his time, Moses harvested honey and sold it in local cities. One day while in the city, a man invited him to a Sunday worship service.  Here Moses heard about the One True God. That day he put his faith and hope in Jesus, God’s son.

Moses’ transformation didn’t sit well in the Hadzabe community. His family kicked him out of his home. His own people threatened to kick him out of the tribe unless he renounced his faith. Instead of feeling embittered, Moses prayed for restoration and salvation among his people.

God answers prayer! Moses returned to his people and, with the help of Twelve21 Global, he started a church in his own village. Many have put their faith and hope in Jesus. God continues using Moses to share the truth of our One True God.

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