Kindergartners For President

The contagious smile above belongs to Christina Razaro, a kindergarten student at Twelve21 Global’s school on Kome Island in Tanzania.  Here is a little bit of what she has to say about school:

“I love going to school every day because I see my teachers; I love them.  I also love going to school because I get to drink porridge every day; that does not happen if I stay at home.

My teacher, Ms. Deris, teaches me how to sing songs, pray, and draw.  I can now sing Jesus Loves Me and The Alphabet Song.  Even though Ms. Deris taught me the whole alphabet song, I tend to forget a few, but I really know letters A through G.  When I am at school, Ms. Deris tells us to draw pictures; I love to draw pictures of my face and of my school.  At the end of the class period my teacher gives us homework to draw and color at home.

I love my books because they have drawings.  When I am at home, I keep on drawing pictures, singing songs, and praying in English.  I want to study hard and one day become a nurse.”

There are 79 other students on Kome Island who have unique stories.  They all have favorite teachers, favorite activities, and big dreams and aspirations.  However, each student has one thing in common—because of the generosity of strangers they have been given hope through education.

Twenty years from now, Tanzania will look remarkably different.  These kindergarten students will be young adults, Lord-willing sharing the hope of Christ in their spheres of influence.  Who knows, maybe the future president of Tanzania is currently sitting in one of our classrooms, learning how the God who created the whole world has a plan for every individual.

Katie Emmanuel

Director of Education

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