I Now See Hope

Not long ago, Rispa was faced with an overwhelming task.  Already caring for her own five children, Rispa agreed to take in her orphaned niece Fozia.  Dealing with the grief of losing her brother, combined with the uncertainty of where her family’s next meal was coming from, Rispa had no idea how to give her newest child hope for a future.  “I asked myself a lot of questions, such as ‘How will I raise Fozia to be fully successful?’ and ‘How will she ever be free from the poverty in which we are currently living?’”

But God…God allowed Twelve21 to bring much-needed hope to Fozia and Rispa.  “I truly thank God for Twelve21 Global; I now see hope that one day Fozia will be a president.  I see God using his people to help Fozia.  Twelve21 Global not only blesses me, but they bring joy to so many families here on Kome Island.”  Rispa asks for continued prayer for herself, Fozia, and her family, and she too prays for Twelve21.  “May God keep blessing Twelve21 Global more so that they can keep on touching more children and families who are greatly in need like mine.”

Stories like Rispa’s are common in Tanzania, and Twelve21 has the privilege of shining the light of Christ on some of the darkest situations.  Would you give $38 a month to provide the hope of education for another child like Fozia?  Would you share the need with a friend?  We still have 100 children who need sponsors.  Who knows, maybe you could be a key figure in the life of the next president and world-changer!

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