Hope In A Time Of Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting communities all around the world, and unfortunately Twelve21 Global is no exception. After three confirmed coronavirus cases in Tanzania, yesterday the Tanzanian Government ordered the closing of all schools nationwide for the next 30 days. Our two schools on Kome Island and in Bukabwa are no exception.

Though ministry inside our schools has been momentarily halted, we are still committed to serving our students and their families.  Here are present steps we are taking to ensure we continue to actively serve our communities in Tanzania during this challenging time:

  • Community Health Training: Access to relevant information regarding the virus is very limited in the remote villages that we serve. This morning I was told that families on Kome Island are flooding to one of the local witch doctors who claims to have the power to “prevent the virus.” Our team is composing culturally relevant information that will be translated into Swahili and made available by the end of the week to our teachers and church planters who can in turn educate community members with sensible practices.
  • Care for our Children: Though our schools have closed for 30 days, the immediate needs of the children in our education program haven’t gone away. Our teachers will continue to connect with each individual family to provide the necessary healthcare education, while also ensuring that any child that needs medical care receives it. Our school staff will distribute food to the homes of our students, food that our children would normally get daily at school.  For many, this is the only meal that most of them receive regularly.

While the weeks ahead will continue to be stressful for us all, we implore you to hold steady in your commitment to be there for our children in Tanzania and those vulnerable communities that God has sent us to reach. As we serve the communities in Tanzania at this critical time, more needs may arise. One of the best things you can do today, alongside prayer, is to give.  Your giving will directly impact our students, their families, and our staff in Tanzania.

During this season, we are praying for your safety.  We are also praying for the Church to love neighbors well.  This is an excellent time to share the HOPE we have in the name of Jesus!

The Lord is good,

Yusuph Emmanuel


Give To Education Fund 

Your giving will help provide meals to the children and families in our schools during this season.  It will also provide our teachers and church planters in Tanzania with adequate resources necessary to provide community health education.

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