God is Our Hope

      How can one sum up the journey that God puts us on? Maybe it’s a blessing, an adventure, a miracle that He has chosen us at all. So many things come to mind. My trip to Tanzania with Twelve21 Global was all these things and so much more. Although it didn’t start that way. In the beginning there was doubt and fear. Questions arose. Where will the money come from? How will I translate so much information in just two weeks? Will they listen? Will they surrender their lives to Christ?
      I often think of Matthew 11 where John the Baptist is sitting in prison. He doubts Jesus and the calling on his life. He tells his disciples to go ask Jesus if He is the Messiah or should they wait for another. Jesus responds by saying, “I tell you the truth. Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom is greater than he (Matthew 11:11).”
      How many times do we doubt the callings on our lives? How many times do we rely on our own selves instead of Christ? Yet, He lifts us up by giving us hope and His almighty spirit. See, God in His sovereignty doesn’t need us to take this message to the lost. He invites us to. He invites us to share in the spreading of the “Good News.” So, that’s what we do! We go!! And we go, not reliant on our own will, but on the beauty of His.
      With all the doubt and fear in my heart, from day one of training until my boots hit the ground, I relied on Him. Many came to know Christ, demons were cast out, and the sick were healed. The hearts of the Americans and Tanzanians were so full because God replaced any doubt with truth. Truth that He created us in His perfect image to praise and glorify Him. Though it was hard to leave the beauty of Africa and the brothers and sisters we made there, I can say I left feeling mighty, as mighty as the lions that roam through His creation. As mighty as the mountains that are scattered through the countryside. And its all because of how mighty our God is!
      So, in the end, go… wherever God calls you too. Whatever journey He puts us on. And when we doubt, just know that God is our hope!
Written by Pete Gholz.

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