The Nations are Crying for Hope

Three of us from our leadership team were in Senegal, West Africa. We sat and listened to stories from courageous believers, like Malle, who are engaging the Wolof, a 99% Muslim Senegalese people group, with the Gospel. Malle was born and raised as a devout Muslim. When he was younger, he gave his life to Christ and immediately faced immense persecution. He was forced to flee his own family in an effort to save his life. Taken in by western missionaries, Malle was given shelter and was intentionally discipled to become the believer he is today. Malle is now focused on seeing his own people gain access to the Gospel. However, it is a steep mountain to climb. Looking straight at us, he said, “Pray for us, and please come and partner with us.”

His request reminds me of one of the core principals of our ministry: partnering and empowering the locals to reach their own. The nations are indeed crying out for hope, and we have it through Christ. The nations are crying out for deliverance, and we have it. The nations are crying out for life, and we have it. The nations are crying out for salvation, and we have it. The need for God’s people to get radically serious about the Gospel and the Great Commission has never seemed more urgent.

Would you pray and consider how you’d partner with Twelve21 Global as we engage the unreached of Africa with the Gospel? May we never settle for comfort, but seek to be obedient and go to those hard-to-reach places for the sake of Christ until nations find their hope in his name (Matthew 12:21).

Let the nations be glad,

Yusuph Emmanuel


Twelve21 Global

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