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We Are Called to Be Disciples

In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Through a spoken word, God created everything.

As societies progressed and written language was developed, God used people to write His words. This produced the Living Word, The Bible, a plan of communication between God and man.


In God’s word, we as believers are called to be disciples. A fundamental meaning of this Greek word is “a learner.” What does this reveal to us? God values education. God values the learning process. It leads to growth and a deeper revelation of who He is.

We desire to teach our students to value words, but most importantly, to value The Word. We desire to grow their curiosity, their imagination, their sense of wonder and awe as they learn and grow.

A child who loves to read grows to become an adult who loves to read.
In the same way, a child who loves to learn grows to become an adult who loves to learn.

Our prayer is that we instill a desire to learn that continues beyond a primary education and into adulthood. A desire that cultivates disciples who are ready to see the gospel transform their communities from darkness into light.

Our goal is to see 30 children sponsored in 30 days. Will you partner with us in transforming communities? Sponsor a child today:


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