All Things Made New

Marongo Makeremo clasped her careworn hands tighter as a Twelve21 team member explained how Christ died to give her new life. Gazing at her children and grandchildren gathered near, she thought about the life she lived for the last 75 years.

Like her parents before her, she worshipped idols and ancestral spirits in this very home where the team now proclaimed Gospel truth. She remembered the difficult years after her husband died, leaving her to care for her children alone. Marongo turned to alcohol to cope with her hard life. Others told her about Christ over the years, but she never turned to him.

“God does not want to see any of his children perish but for all to get to know him and have everlasting life,” the speaker encouraged.

“What will happen to me when I leave this world?” Marongo wondered. Suddenly, she burned with desire to know Jesus.

Marongo’s prayer of surrender rang out boldly in the quiet room. And just as her children once echoed her pagan prayers, now they followed her to the foot of the Cross.

“I felt something strange in my heart after confessing Jesus with my mouth and believing in my heart he died and God raised him from the dead,” Marongo marvelled. “I saw a huge difference between the person I was and the one that I am now in Christ Jesus.”

Marongo anticipates a very different ending to her seven-decades-long story of pagan worship, alcoholism, and misery. Now she looks forward to joining a local church where she and her children can grow in their faith. Although she regrets not receiving Christ sooner, she determines to finish her story to the glory of God. “I want to love the Lord with all my heart! Just loving Him more than ever before,” exclaims Marongo.


We believe in the urgency of bringing the gospel to all people (Matthew 12:21). We accomplish this through planting local churches, educating children, and providing basic healthcare in biblically and practically effective ways. These three paths point to one great goal: bringing the hope of Jesus to every community. This hope casts out spiritual darkness and leads to lasting community transformation. That is precisely what your prayer and financial support enable us to do. Thank You!


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