Our mission is about people and our work is for people. The most important resource to help us
succeed at our mission is the incredible people with whom we serve. We want to thank all our volunteers, staff, board, field partners, and donors for their dedication, tenacity, and selflessness in helping us in meeting needs and providing hope.

Yusuph Emmanuel

President & Founder

Yusuph provides leadership and oversight to all Twelve21 Global’s ministry endeavors. He desires to give his life for the cause of Christ. He hopes to spark joy in every encounter, showing each person God loves them more than they can grasp. When he takes a break from casting vision for the ministry, Yusuph studies online (the College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), plays with his two young sons, or watches “Survivor” with his wife Katie, whom he married in 2014. Yusuph comes from a Tanzanian “meat-eating” tribe. Where he comes from, “it’s not right to just eat leaves (salad) and go to bed”.

Wade Daniel

Operations Coordinator

Wade oversees all of the operations in the U.S. and Tanzania. He also leads mission trips to Tanzania. He creates custom cabinetry and woodworking, a skill he began honing at age 12. You might also find Wade watching sports (go Georgia Bulldogs) with his middle-school-sweetheart-turned-wife, Brittani, and their two dogs.

Emma Patterson

Education Coordinator – USA

Emma oversees our Education and Sponsorship Program in the U.S. and also leads mission trips to Tanzania. In addition, Emma works toward completing her Masters of Intercultural Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. When she isn’t packing for a trip, responding to e-mails, or writing papers, Emma can be found reading, leading Bible studies, or eating tacos…possibly all at the same time.

Beth Greer

Prayer Coordinator
Beth cultivates an atmosphere of intentional prayer at Twelve21. Beth encourages our staff through prayer, organizes prayer and fasting times, creates prayer calendars for mission trips, and prays for the mission of Twelve21 Global. Beth grew up eating whale meat in Brazil where her parents planted churches. She stays busy teaching preschool at a local church and teaching Bible through Life and Godliness Ministries. When she isn’t traveling, preaching the Word, or singing, Beth enjoys time with her husband Tom and their two adult daughters, Blakely Ann and Jordan.

Holly Sabibi

Education Coordinator – Tanzania

Holly supervises Twelve21 Global’s education program and services in Tanzania, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently to meet the education objectives and goals. She lives in Tanzania with her husband and son.

Jeremiah Motomoto

Country Director – Tanzania
Jeremiah oversees all of our ministry on the ground in Tanzania, East Africa. He works tirelessly managing preparations for mission trips, building schools, caring for students, and beautifully representing Twelve21 Global in Tanzania. Jeremiah loves working with Twelve21 because “we reach the community the right way, God’s way, by providing for their spiritual and physical needs.” Jeremiah loves our education program because it eliminates poverty and raises up a new generation who knows God. Jeremiah firmly believes future God-fearing Tanzanian leaders will come from Twelve21 Global schools. Jeremiah also pastors a church in Bunda and enjoys spending time with his wife Lucy.

Board Members

Yusuph Emmanuel

President & Founder of Twelve21 Global
Dallas, Texas

Vic Henry

Board Chairman

Shareholder at H.O.A.F Law Firm
Dallas, Texas

Katie Emmanuel

Board Secretary

Former Educator
Dallas, Texas

Sharon Parker

Retired Educator

Dallas, Texas

Mitch Fossum

National Security Professional


Amy Howe, M.D.

Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Houston, Texas

Tara K. Rosema, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Dallas, Texas

Brent Haney


Columbia, South Carolina

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