A Mother’s Burden

Mothers.  They love unconditionally.  They sacrifice daily.  They pray fervently.  They seek the best for their children and their families.  Some days it feels overwhelming.  Yet, day after day, they strive to put others’ needs above their own.  A mother is a mother, no matter where in the world you find her.

Salima Shaban, a mother to a student at our Kome Island school, feels the burden of motherhood strongly.  “Being a mother in my culture means a lot.  Most mothers in my village are the ones that think about everyone in their family’s affairs.  We mothers have to know our children’s behavior, strengths, weaknesses, health, education, and how their physical needs will be met, like what to eat and where to sleep.  And, most of the time we also have to work to help our men meet our necessities in life, including our children’s full educational support.  Each time a child fails to go to school because a family cannot provide, it’s the mother who gets hurt more than the father.  For us women, it is better not to eat so we can pay for our children to receive a better education.”

By the grace of God, Twelve21 Global gets the privilege of relieving Salima from some of this burden.  Through our sponsors, we are able to provide quality education completely free-of-charge.  Now, Salima can focus on caring for her family, knowing that she doesn’t have to choose between feeding her children or educating them.  Because of the gift of education for her son, Salima says, “As a woman, I can now live confidently with the assurance that my son will reach his goals in life; this will make me proud.  People will call me a blessed mother with an educated son.  I thank you for restoring my hope and strength.  God bless you and increase you.”

To all the mothers and mother-figures who sacrifice daily so their families can thrive, we thank you.  We echo Salima’s sentiments: “May God bless you and increase you.”

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