Meeting Needs,
Giving Hope

Planting churches, building schools and providing healthcare to the most remote Tanzanian communities.

“In his name the nations will put their hope.”
- Matthew 12:21

Imagine a life where help is a 5-hour walk away

This is the reality of people living in the most remote areas of Tanzania.

Many people living in these communities feel
hopeless and abandoned.

Loved by god,
Not abandoned

There is a God who loves them and shines the light of hope in the darkest circumstances. At Twelve21 Global, we believe that everyone should have access to education, healthcare and above all, know that they are loved by God.

Read Stories of Hope

What God has done in the communities of Tanzania


Yusuph’s Story

Our founder Yusuph Emmanuel understands what it is like to feel hopeless. He was abandoned as a child and lived on the streets of Tanzania, where he was denied education for many years. His brother died when he couldn’t access an oxygen tank - a simple intervention that would have saved his life.
These experiences are why Yusuph started Twelve21 Global, a ministry serving the spiritual, educational, and healthcare needs of the most remote areas in Tanzania.

Our Ministry Approach

and Prayer

Before deciding which communities to serve, we research their needs and pray about where God would have us focus our attention.

Establish Local

After we’ve identified an area in need of support, we build relationships in the community so we can build on the work they’ve already begun.

Serve the

Whether it’s planting a church, building a school or providing healthcare - our goal is to share God’s love by meeting the community’s tangible needs

Provide hope
and a better

Join us in creating accessible education, healthcare, and churches to the most remote communities in Tanzania.

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